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March 15, 2017

NVIDIA’s Photogrammetry Visualizer Gives Live Feedback in the Field


You might expect that most photogrammetry innovation would come out of research institutions, but you’d be wrong. Here’s an example where the video game industry offers an important innovation: At the recent Game Developers Conference, NVIDIA presented a solution that aims to make quality photogrammetric capture easier.

The viewer is based on the Unity game engine and gives direct, real-time feedback on best camera location for capture. It combines a wifi-enabled camera and a laptop running an advanced NVIDIA GPU. As photos are taken, they are automatically transferred to the laptop where “camera locations and tie-point reconstruction cloud [are]regenerated on the fly.” This enables artists to ensure coverage on site “without stopping their photogrammetry session.”

NVIDIA has not indicated whether it will commercialize this solution or not.

See more in the video below. [Note: The video comes without sound.] For more, see the second video which outlines NVIDIA’s workflow more in depth—though also without sound.

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