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January 26, 2011

Mobile mapping - On a boat?

After writing about Woolpert’s acquisition the other day, I got to investigating just what kind of tools Woolpert has available for mobile scanning, since Brad Adams made such a point of talking about all of Woolpert’s great acquisition tools. 

Turns out they’ve got some pretty cool tools. 

One piece I came across on their YouTube channel gave a brief synopsis of what Woolpert is doing with mobile mapping on the water. They’ve taken an Optech Lynx system and put it on a boat, allowing them to create maps of the channels and riverways and coastline. Pretty dang cool, and not something I’ve come across yet in my reporting. 

Take a look:

The anonymous Woolpert employee (I’ll try to find out who it is) talks about this being a “disruptive technology.” No kidding. The time and energy saved here is enormous, and they come away with more accurate information to boot. Pretty killer. 

Also, good to see the guy is practicing proper on-the-water safety. Always wear that life jacket when you’re doing your maritime mobile mapping, folks. And some nice cinematography there, too. Woolpert clearly invested in a professional there.

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