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August 10, 2012

McKayla is not impressed with your 3D data


It’s Friday, and sometimes when your job is to work on the Internet, you can get, well, a little distracted by the silliness of the day. Today, it’s a little trend going around the Internet whereby people transpose U.S. Olympic champion gymnast McKayla Maroney (looking slightly put out by her silver in the vault during the medal ceremony) on images to show that “McKayla is not impressed.” Armed with a bunch of 3D data images and, I couldn’t resist.

Really, McKayla is not impressed with this point cloud Stantec put together for an arts center in Saskatoon:


Nor is McKayla impressed with Historic Scotland’s point cloud that includes thermal imagery, for that matter:


Heck, she’s not even impressed with DARPA’s initiative to push the envelope in automatic feature recognition:


Oh, you’ve got a portable laser scanning system, Sam Billingsley? Well, McKayla is not impressed:


 Did SPAR conference programmer Linda McLaughlin attend the Esri User Conference? McKayla says, “whoopedy-doo!”:


And, finally. McKayla is certainly not impressed with SPARVlog:


Like I said, I couldn’t help myself. Should you have a few minutes to kill, I recommend the McKayla Is Not Impressed tumblr site highly. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll see where to get your own McKayla cut out. Put her in a good 3D data image and I’ll post yours, too.

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