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August 27, 2017

Matterport mashups with Hololens and ARkit create new business opportunities

matterport mashup

I’m Paolo Tosolini, the founder of Tosolini Productions, a digital agency based in Seattle, WA. We specialize in business storytelling using emerging media, such as touch display solutions for events, 3D virtual tours and AR/VR development.

We acquired a Matterport camera by mid 2015 and started exploring the opportunities of 3D virtual tours beyond residential real estate. We scanned planes, boats, castles, temples, villages around the world. We were awarded the Matterport Service Partner (MSP) of the Year 2017 award by Matterport.

Matterport outputs beautiful 3D virtual tours, but you can download an OBJ mesh of your models too. While the OBJ is not as visually rich and refined as the full virtual tour, it’s very usable for VR/AR purposes. You can also request a point cloud of your models through Matterport support. Our team of designers and developers has been mashing up the Matterport OBJ with other AR/VR technologies. We believe that new business value can emerge by combining together various technologies in original ways

The following videos document our R&D exploration with Matterport ‘off the beaten path’

Matterport and ARKit

  • (This was recently featured also on Geekwire)
  • Prepared for the Seattle Museum of Flight
  • Challenge: Demonstrate the interior of the first Boeing 737 in AR. The plane is not accessible to the public.
  • Solution: An inter-dimensional portal experience created with Apple ARKit mashed up with a Matterport model of the plane (here is the original virtual tour of the first 737)

Matterport and HoloLens

  • Prepared for Microsoft
  • Challenge: Facilitate event planning conversations by showing various configurations of a large conference room in mixed reality
  • Solution: Custom HoloLens app that lets you visualize various Matterport doll house views of the same conference room in holographic format

Matterport and Chatbots

  • Prepared for Microsoft
  • Challenge: Integrate virtual tours of Microsoft Production Studios facilities into their intranet
  • Solution: Custom chatbot that serves Matterport tours when queried about specific locations

Matterport and Tiltbrush

Just a fun experiment of importing a Matterport model into the Vive 3D painting app

Matterport and Projection Mapping

  • Prepared for Microsoft
  • Challenge: Leverage unused wall surfaces in a Microsoft lobby to tell the Microsoft Production Studios story
  • Solution: An interactive Projection Mapping activation, driven by Kinect and triggering music and Matterport virtual tour videos

Matterport VR model and live chatbot

  • Proof of concept for education
  • Challenge: Prototype a live VR chat experience of a historical location
  • Solution: A mash-up of a Matterport model with speech recognition and live chatbot integration into Unity

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