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January 16, 2013

Live on stage: 3D projection mapping

There were no shortage of 3D-related stories coming out of CES, and I’ve covered a few of them (see my most recent entries on the blog), but none of them caught the ear the way the band Love in the Circus did. They found themselves front and center at CES as guinea pigs for the use of 3D projection mapping as part of the live band experience, thanks to a little donation from Sony.

While I’ve written about 3D projection mapping a few times before, and have mentioned already the opportunity here for laser scanner professionals, this is the first time I’ve seen live performance incorporated alongside, and it got my wheels turning as the subject of this week’s SPARVlog. Take a look:


Additional resources:

Billboard article about Love in the Circus

Video made by the band about how they did the projection mapping

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