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December 6, 2011

Laser scanning: Now with more baggage


Clash detection is shaping up to be one of the most recognizable products that can be generated from 3D data captured in the field. The use case is just so obvious: Can this thing that I’d like to move actually fit through the space in which it needs to move through? If yes, great. If no, let’s save a whole bunch of time and energy and money by moving the impediments before we try to move the large and cumbersome thing. Doesn’t take a great salesman to show the value there. 

Does this look like a place with accurate as-built documents?

Well, looks like the word is getting out. Word came through today that Southeast Engineering has landed a contract with Vanderland Industries to provide laser scanning services at LaGuardia Airport. In an effort to improve the efficiency of the baggage handling operations there (I think all of us can get behind that effort), SEI will be scanning the area through which a proposed new conveyor system will run, then importing a 3D model of the proposed system into the real-world data and identifying clashes. 

I’m guessing the environment in which the 3D model was created is slightly different from as-is conditions. LaGuardia is a busy and ever-evolving place. Who knows when the last time accurate plans of the baggage area were created? Now, the hope is, when construction starts on the new conveyor system, everything will fit into the existing environment without a hiccup – and that means cheaper airplane tickets for all of us, right?

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