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October 25, 2011

Laser scanning Central Park

Not that long ago, I was talking with Travis Reinke at SmartGeoMetrics and he mentioned there was some laser scanning going on in Central Park, but he couldn’t tell me why. 

Now I know.

Ad agency Mcgarrybowen teamed with the KLIP Collective (we told you first about them here) to create an absolutely stunning presentation at Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace. You can read the AdWeek write-up of the event to get all the details of the why and how, but what’s important to us here at SPAR is that laser scanning and 3D data capture was at the project’s heart. Having the precise details of the Terrace’s configuration allowed all the rest of the presentation to happen, in all of its high-minded glory (seriously – Sting and Kevin Bacon? That’s a whole lot of not messing around).

If you don’t believe me, have a gander:


Philosophically, I thought Terri Coppersmith, VP at the Central Park Conservancy, summed it up perfectly: “Something so technologically savvy on something so historic – it told an old story in such a new way.”

Exactly. 3D data capture opens up new possibilities of story telling, an art form that’s as old as the human race (maybe older, I suppose), but one that’s constantly evolving with the tools that humans create.

We’re always looking for ways in which 3D data can be “useful.” Sometimes, the use is simply to entertain. If the global entertainment industry is any measure, that’s quite useful, indeed.

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