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January 24, 2018

Intel announces world’s first studio for “volumetric video capture”


In a warehouse near LAX, Intel has been stealthily building a studio for generating volumetric video. The company announced the project with a video at CES, backed by some very dramatic music, that equates the creation of the studio to Eadward Muybridge’s groundbreaking photographic experiments.

Named Intel Studios, naturally, the facility includes a 10,000 square-foot space that captures “billions of points” and features 10 petabytes of storage.

Intel has already announced Paramount as an “exploratory” partner.

The longterm idea, of course, is to bring true 3D to scripted content, similar to the manner in which Intel has brought 3D to sports. “There is a huge explosion of storytelling that has yet to be defined,” Intel Studios director Diego Prilusky told Variety. “We are looking for all the creators and directors out there.” (Presumably to figure out how to make 3D work in cinema as anything more than a gimmick.)

The announcement of the studio represents a continued evolution for Intel, which began as a chip manufacturer, but now identifies itself as a “technology-driven company.” If Intel keeps expanding its business offerings, that intentionally vague description might actually stick.

Watch below for the first sample from the studio.



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