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May 25, 2016

Another Rock Band Gets Weird with 3D Scanning


Here’s a weird one for you.

Yeasayer, a band that was very popular when I was in college (about a decade ago at this point), has returned from the dead to release another music video. Wouldn’t you know it, the video makes liberal use of 3D scanning. And it looks like a nightmare version of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

As the director, Mike Anderson, explained:

“We use a pretty unique approach, pretty much everything in every frame is handmade and hand-painted. We then 3D scan all of it, bringing it into the computer so it’s entirely recreated digitally. We record motion-capture of performers and apply the data to the characters for the animation. The lighting is all done in the computer. So while the final product is ostensibly CGI, nearly everything you’re seeing is a digital record of something we directed or fabricated in real-life. Best of all worlds.”

In other words, what you see is a scan of hand-painted characters that are animated using data from motion capture. It’s eerie.

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