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April 13, 2016

Four Notes on SPAR 3D Day One

SPAR Floor (1 of 1)
The SPAR 3D Exhibit Floor

It’s not About Laser Scanning

I’m still amazed at how many attendees are focused on “laser scanning” without the realization that the real message is 3D technology. To simplify it even further, this is an event that is basically built around capturing our physical environment and creating digital representations that are dimensional. Sure it’s super cool, but it’s extremely functional as well. The attendees of this event are the ‘tip of the spear’ and provide sensational insight as to where we’re headed.

Airborne is Here to Stay

From the exhibition floor, it’s easy to see that airborne is here to stay. There are multiple exhibits featuring drone technology and its many applications. The products are sleeker than ever and are finally starting to look like they were manufactured, versus made in someone’s garage or for an episode of Myth Busters.

There’s no shortage of software either, and most seem focused one way or another at implementing point clouds and reducing modeling time. And as always there are many vendors who are making claims to their products performance…versus what problems they actually solve. I think that’s sort of the industry we’re in–we love technology so much we forget that in order for it to sustain, it must solve a problem. That point is missed by some. Regardless, this event is definitely the place to get a grasp of the very latest and greatest in 3d technology and is a must attend event if you’re in this industry.

The Future of Communication

Keynotes were very worthwhile and provided a variety of insights on managing large data. I found David Smith’s presentation on how NASA is training our astronauts with augmented reality using Oculus truly fascinating. He showed how we’re training astronauts to potentially land on an asteroid! The ability to immerse  yourself into a virtual world for simulation and training was truly fascinating. I’m not sure that the full impact of what he showed was understood by everyone. As for me it represented the true look into the future for our society as it relates to training, and even communication. There will be a day in the not too distant future where our children will be using this same technology in education and even in their daily careers. Mr. Smith provided a very early look into the future.

A Shared Passion

Despite having a sensational day of vendor exhibits and presentations by industry professionals, the best part of the event is the bar. To further explain, it’s the people who you already know and those you’re meeting for the first time who all share a passion for the 3D industry. It’s those connections that are tremendously valuable and help scale your business. The sincere desire people have to want to learn and support each other I think makes us a truly unique industry.

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