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March 7, 2012

Five themes emerging from the Faro and Riegl conferences

In this week’s videoblog (we’re considering calling it SPARVlog from now on – what do you think?), I decided to bring together some themes that have been percolating ever since I got back from my back-to-back trips to the lovely city of Orlando, where I covered the Faro and Riegl conferences in consecutive weeks. 

Last week, I talked mostly about how the two events were different, and I thought that was fairly instructive, but as I kept thinking about the two shows, it struck me that, in the end, the two were basically pretty similar, as you might expect. So, to summarize, I put together this video bringing together the top five themes that emerged over the course of the two events.



Supporting materials:

Write up of impressions from the Riegl event

Write up of impressions from the Faro event

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