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April 6, 2011

Examining the new Leica HDS 7000

One of the most buzz-worthy elements of SPAR International was the first look at Leica Geosystems’ new HDS 7000, the next in its line of phase-based scanners (which are, of course, Z+F’s line of phase-based scanners, with red paint instead of blue – the HDS 7000 is an OEM of the Z+F Imager 5010, which was designed by Z+F’s Markus Mettenleiter, who was also at SPAR). For the specs and press release from Leica, you can go here, but at SPAR we got an exclusive video interview with Geoff Jacobs, Sr. VP of Strategic Marketing at Leica Geosystems HDS. In the following video, he gives us a tour of what the new advances are with both the HDS 7000 hardware and the Cyclone software that allows users to manipulate the data gathered.



But what do the users think of the new technology? Since Leica was using its technical seminar time to unveil the new HDS 7000 and the accompanying software, we caught up with two users as they left the seminar to ask them: What do you think of the new scanner? The surveyors from New Brunswick’s Hughes Surveys talk technology wants and desires, plus a little bit about price (on some level, it’s always about price, right?):



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