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July 16, 2012

Bling for Lil Wayne? You need a laser scanner for that.

I really didn’t think that the paths of SPAR 3D and the author of a lyrical masterpiece like “Drop It Like It’s Hot” would ever cross, but, as usual, I have underestimated the power of 3D data capture. At this point, just about everybody is using it. 

Okay, it’s probably not true that Lil’ Wayne owns a laser scanner (for the hip-hop illiterate, click here). But the guys who make his bling do (for those unclear on what is “bling,” click here). See, Avianne & Co. are jewelers to the hip-hop stars, and when a client needs a diamond-encrusted replica of an object, Avianne’s designers need to figure out how to make it so they can take that hip-hop star’s money before he finds another absurd thing to blow it on. 

Here is the story of how they made a diamond-encrusted miniature skateboard for Lil’ Wayne. I mean, this ain’t easy:

Although the custom design department has been creating custom jewelry for the past decade, they have never embarked on producing an iced out, miniature skateboard.

My heart swells with pride now that the words “iced out” have appeared as an adjective in the pages of…

Seriously, though, they had to figure this out, pronto. I mean, “A close friend of the Young Money general, who actually took part in organizing this order, made clear that the pendant had to move freely.” (Young Money is the name of Lil’ Wayne’s label, and, oh, nevermind.)

So, what did they do? You guessed it: “The blueprint to this conception was elaborate, requiring an actual model finger board to be scanned and replicated in a 3D imaging program specifically designed for jewelry production.”

Yep. They ran out to Toys R Us, bought a little miniature skateboard with which you do finger kick-flips, and threw it in the scanner. Because I know you’re madly intrigued, this was the final result:


Surely, this is how Faberge made their eggs, no?  

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