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April 29, 2024

Around the Industry in AEC Innovations: Automation, Industrial Metaverse, Collaboration

Today we have stories from around the industry covering the latest in automated drawings, the state of the industrial metaverse, and collaboration technologies.

Like essentially every other industry on the planet, the AEC industry is currently experiencing a revolution around the way work is done thanks to increased funding and innovation around artificial intelligence and, more broadly, automation. The issues being brought up by this period of extreme change vary across industry, and it would be naive to think AEC is the only industry in which the effects are entirely positive. That being said, given some of the issues already existing in the industry, most notably skilled worker shortages, automation and artificial intelligence have the potential to enact tremendous positive change in the space as a whole.

That’s the main focus of our stories from friends around the industry today, looking at how some of these newer technologies are being used in various stages of AEC projects – including operations. First up, we have a look at how automation is being used and will continue to be used to create drawing deliverables on design projects. After that, we move to the manufacturing and operations field with a look at how the industrial metaverse is starting to take hold. And finally, we look at the way new AECO collaboration technology is being used – including with AI workflows – to the benefit of projects. Find the full stories below.

Image via AEC Magazine

The productivity promise of auto drawings

Martyn Day | AEC Magazine

We start out with Day taking an extensive look at the state of CAD and 2D drawings in the AEC space, often lamenting the fact that they are still very much a part of the job. While BIM and 3D models have become much more commonplace, the fact of the matter is that drawings are still the primary deliverable in most contracts and, as Day points out, “the most frequently cited target in legal wrangles.” So, long story short – drawings are still very necessary and something that staff still has to worry about whether they like it or not. The good news is that software developers are starting to offer more automated solutions to create these drawings. The space is still developing, but things are certainly moving significantly towards automation.

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Image via Connected World

The Rise of Industrial Metaverse in Manufacturing

Peggy Smedley | Connected World

The idea of the industrial metaverse has been around for a bit at this point, but the actual implementation of it has seemed more theoretical than concrete for most of this time. In some areas, though, the shift to tangible application is beginning for a variety of reasons. Manufacturing is one area where this is taking place as their complex operations are a perfect fit for technology that can simplify the management of facilities with so many moving pieces. In this piece, Smedley looks at the ways this technology is taking hold, why it’s starting to happen, and – of course – what role the AI boom has in making the once theoretical into a reality.

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Image via pbctoday

Navigating AECO collaboration technology for construction


One of the common threads across technologies that are being developed for the AEC industry today is improvements around collaboration. This has long been one of the issues that has held the industry back in terms of efficiency, as stakeholders were often siloed and work was generally being done separately. This inevitably led to errors being caught far too late and costly processes just to get everyone caught up and on the same page. This article, and an accompanying webinar, looks at the different types of technologies being offered for collaboration in construction, and what professionals should be looking for.

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