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April 15, 2024

Around the Industry in AEC Innovations: Transportation Infrastructure, BIM, UAVs

A look at some stories from around the industry looking at how old workflows are being enhanced by new technology.

When we talk about the AEC industry today and all of the innovation that is happening in the space, it’s often just adding technology to workflows that have existed for a long time. This isn’t the case for all spaces. For AEC, though, it’s generally the same end goals, just with different ways of getting there. We’re still talking about fixing infrastructure, constructing residential buildings and commercial spaces, and creating livable cities. 

Today we’re looking at some stories from our friends around the industry that really highlight some of these workflows and the work they are doing. To start off, we have a feature from TechCrunch covering a Boston-based company that is using sensors to create a digital twin and AI to determine where and when transportation infrastructure needs attention. Second, we have a look at how new tools – specifically BIM – is being used to revolutionize the long-standing industry of residential construction. Finally, we have an announcement from a UAV-based show – which of course includes work in the AEC industry – adding an event overseas. Find the full stories below.

Image via TechCrunch is bringing data-driven solutions to transportation infrastructure

Ron Miller, TechCrunch

To the earlier point, maintaining and rebuilding transportation infrastructure has been a key function of local governments even predating cars, but there have been iterations in how this work is done. Now, a Boston-based company is looking to bring more data to streamline this process. In this article, TechCrunch profiles, who just announced new investment into the company. Using sensors, the company creates digital twins of transportation infrastructure to more easily identify areas that need repair, and helping to predict when repairs may be needed.

Read the full article here >>

Image via Real Estate Magazine

Revolutionizing residential construction: The impact of BIM on efficiency and sustainability

Jeremy Godenzi, Real Estate Magazine

Once again, we have a new(er) technology being used for an old workflow, this time talking about construction residential buildings. Again, there have been residential buildings for centuries, but technology has changed the way this work is done. And considering population growth, particularly in urban centers around the globe, this kind of construction will be crucial and massively in-demand in the coming years. This article looks at the ways that BIM, which is now becoming much more commonplace and even required in some parts of the world, can revolutionize this space. Among other topics, they talk about BIM’s impact on work processes as well as crucial sustainability concerns.

Real the full article here >>

Image via Commercial UAV News

Amsterdam Drone Week Announces Strategic Partnership with Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial UAV News

Speaking of new tools being used in construction, we are seeing UAVs utilized on construction sites more than ever before for a variety of use cases, ranging from reality capture to inventory monitoring, and much more. The Commerical UAV Expo (a sister show to Geo Week) covers these use cases, along with use cases in other industries, on an annual basis in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last week, they announced that they would be expanding to Europe with a strategic partnership with Amsterdam Drone Week. In their announcement, they say that through the collaboration, “future events in Europe will showcase an even more comprehensive overview of innovative and forward-thinking developments within the drone and air mobility sector.”

Read the full article here>>

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