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December 15, 2010

A look toward the future of 3D imaging technology

While at the SPAR Europe conference last week, I had a lot of discussions with attendees, exhibitors, and speakers about where the market is headed and what the pain points are that need to be solved with technology innovations. The responses, as you might imagine, were all over the map, and targeted generally toward the needs of whoever was doing the answering.

If you’re managing an oil exploration platform, or working in a mining environment, you’re more interested in ruggedized and explosion-proof scanners than if you’re simply scanning indoor warehouses and providing BIM data. Do you care about processing huge point clouds, because you’re scanning 15 miles of roadway, or is that not as important, because you’re just capturing boundaries and bridges and making some measurements?

As a sampling of the type of answers I received to my questions, here’s a video of a wide variety of SPAR Europe attendees talking about the technology innovation they’d most like to see in the 3D imaging marketplace.

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