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February 10, 2011

A good day for pictures


Sometimes you don’t need much more than an image to tell a story. Certainly, the Economist, one of the best mags I read on a regular basis, knows this well. 

Tell me if you aren’t particularly struck by this cover they’ll unveil for next week’s issue:

Really, what else do you have to know about 3D printing after seeing that image of that violin, created by a 3D printer? If your mind doesn’t get racing with the possibilities just by seeing that image, you don’t have very much going on upstairs. The article that accompanies the image is just window dressing. The details. That’s just great storytelling right there. I’m looking forward to the issue very much.

Then, about five minutes after I saw that Economist cover, I got this tweet from Enda Keane, CEO of Treemetrics, a very interesting company we wrote about a few months back and which presented at SPAR Europe. The tweet takes you to this image:

Again, if that image doesn’t get you thinking about the possibilities of laser scanners as they get smaller, lighter, and more easy to bring to more places, I don’t know what to tell you. We are in a very exciting time for 3D imaging. The technology is moving quickly, and the guys who see the pictures before anyone else are going to have a really good time with it.


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