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July 31, 2012

3D printing trends, in a pretty movie

Sorry to disappoint and not have 1,000 words to offer about this video, but it pretty much speaks for itself. Designer Stephen Murphy has created an elegant little movie to animate the findings of recent large survey of the 3D printing community, and I wanted to share it, so here goes:


The video is drawn from the study done by the Journal of Peer Production, and you can see the full results and analysis here. It’s pretty great. Yes, it’s a small sample (350 people) and yes it’s mostly consumer/DIY-type stuff (I don’t think anybody on Ford’s manufacturing line is among the respondents, but I might be wrong), but it’s the first survey like this I’ve seen and it’s definitely interesting. We see again that there’s frustration with 3D modeling software being so difficult to use, which points again to a desire for capture-model-print workflow.

Thanks to Ponoko for pointing this out.

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