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July 13, 2016

2015 LiDAR Survey of Cambodia Finds Hidden City as Big as Phnom Penh


Dr. Damian Evans is most famous for his work on the 2012 LiDAR survey of Cambodia that discovered a medieval city stretching between temples in the Cambodian wilderness.

He’s making news again, because he returned in 2015 to complete the survey and undertook the largest airborne study ever completed by an archaeological project. With the extra data, they’ve made a few startling discoveries. “we uncovered only a part of Mahendraparvata on Phnom Kulen,” he told The Guardian about the 2012 survey. “This time we got the whole deal and it’s big, the size of Phnom Penh big.” It might have even constituted the largest empire on earth in during its heyday in the 12th century.

For more on the survey, here’s a quick video overview with Evans himself. (You’ll have to click through–someone set the privacy settings on the video a little too high.)

For good, in-depth coverage, make sure to head over to The Guardian.


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