So You Want to Buy a Drone?

On-Demand Webinar | Free

This webinar will focus on assisting newcomers to the field of UAVs sift through the many details involved in understanding the various technologies, reviewing the tradeoffs, and identifying key considerations before purchasing a system. Topics discussed include an overview of common UAV subsystems (i.e. airframes, auto-pilots, sensors, etc.), various operating characteristics (i.e. flight duration, launch/retrieval dynamics, field serviceability, etc.), and why GIS is likely an important element of any operational system. Finally, challenges regarding buying a UAV will be summarized with the hope of assisting audience members gain an improved understand of the technologies and trade-offs so as to make better buying decisions.

This webinar is provided free of charge and underwritten by a sponsor. Following the webinar, you may be contacted by the sponsor with information about their products and services.